Book OWS

You heard the howl, “Occupy! Occupy!” You wonder why these people hate Wall Street. Aren’t they mostly youngsters, who have yet to graduate from college? Many have never even worked yet, and they were already shouting “Evil CEOs?” Are they out of their minds? Do they even know what capitalism is all about? Do they want a revolution or possibly a violent uprising?

All these questions are very relevant and these occupiers are jumping up and down for something that they know little about.

High taxes? Just how many of them are actually paying taxes? We have the answer inside.
The rich is not paying their dues? We also have the answer inside.
The rich is getting richer, while the poor is getting poorer? That is very far from the truth!

We answered these occupiers and crushed their incorrect claims such as high CEO pay, the rich is controlling more, and the poor is getting poorer and many more! The findings are fantastic! America’s economy was the best performing economy in the world, lifting millions of people from low incomes, into the middle class and even into the top most elite class. The economy generated trillions of dollars of new wealth; guess where these trillions ended up with?

Find that out and many more revelations that are interesting in this fact filled but easy to understand illustrative book!